How I Curate News for My Research

March 2 2018 10:51:54 AM Add/Read Comments [1]

I often get asked how I keep up with and curate all the news I use in my research. Honestly, it's a bit of a mess! I cover hundreds of software vendors, which means a lot of press releases, blog entries and product briefings. I have valuable information stored in several tools including email, note-taking, file-sharing, tasks, etc. Below is an example of one of the processes I follow leveraging Evernote.  Towards the end you'll see the feature that really makes this process work for me... the ability to change the created and modified date of notes.

  1. Michael Barnes
    1 | 3/30/2018 6:16:02 AM

    Hi Alan... off-on follower since early years with Lotus. You're ideas and tips make it worth the time spent. Thank you. Need for speed pushed me to reduce my "open-in-new-tab" obsession with incoming new stories. Created a bookmark folder called "Read Later" to drop articles into. Then I use the Apple Notes App to clip what I need to keep (currently CMD-A, CMD-V... but I'm hoping Apple will catch up :) ) Highlight using font characteristics (color, I, U, B, size (again, Apple - catch up please)). I use my iPad or iPhone to scan/add additional attachments (sketched ideas, notes, thoughts, slides on the article) and mark those up as needed with Notes App native tools. Tag it. Last step, delete entry from bookmark folder