A basic understanding of Lotus Notes

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What is Lotus Notes in 30 words or less

What Is Lotus Notes? by Julian Robichaux

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Similar to learning to drive, or learning to play a sport, when learning to use Lotus Notes (or any software) if you first have a strong understanding of the basics, learning the more advanced things will come easier.  Sure it could be argued that "software should be so easy you don't need to learn it", but that could be said for anything.

Below is a list of some of my past tips which I think all users of Lotus Notes should understand.   I'm not asking that everyone become a certified Systems Administrator or Application Developer, but even the casual user will benefit from reading the following information.

Lotus Education On Demand: Lotus Notes 6.5 Client, Mail and C&S Features: This free tutorial is designed to introduce you to the new client features for Lotus Notes 6.5, with emphasis on workstation mail features and calendar and scheduling (C&S).

What is Lotus Notes, and what is Lotus Domino? - The difference between Lotus Notes, the client; and Lotus Domino, the server.

Domains, Servers, Databases, Directories - A basic understanding of how the various components of a Lotus Notes/Domino environment fit together.

What’s In A Name? - An explanation of how users and servers are named.

It's what inside that counts - An introduction to what a "database" is, and how "views" are used to displays "documents".

Remove or Delete? Folder or View? - Folders and views look similar, but behave differently.  This tip explains why, and how.

How many documents do you see? - An overview of how "Categories" are used to display documents in a view.

How do you like your Chiclets? - Tips for using the Lotus Notes Workspace.

What is replication? - One of the fundamental concepts of Lotus Notes.

What "problem areas" do your users face when understanding Notes?  I hope to blog in the future about replication, and local vs. server.  Which items do you think still need to be covered?