About Me

January 16 2005 07:10:25 PM Comments Disabled
Image:About Me My name is Alan Lepofsky

I live in Toronto and work as an analyst at Constellation Research where I cover the collaboration software industry.

Prior to joining Constellation in Oct. 2011, I was the Director of Marketing at Socialtext (from June 2008). Before that, I worked at IBM for 14+ years. For more details about my career please visit my LinkedIn profile.

A few of my core beliefs with respect to the industry are:
- "Social" is not new, the tools have just changed/improved
- There is not one way of doing things that meets everyone needs or situations
- I prefer to give information, not instructions, then let people make up their own mind
- When it comes to good product design, I think consistency is equal to or perhaps even more important than simplicity

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, where my thesis was on the body's Max vO2 capacity. Think of it as your fuel economy, measuring how efficiently you use the oxygen you breathe in.

I've been fortunate to travel to some amazing places including Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland. I've not been to Africa or Asia... yet!

Outside of work, I try to be very active, filling my free time with a variety of sports. I play ultimate frisbee, attempt to golf, take spinning classes, play tennis, volleyball, and ski. I figure if I'm going to spend my days at the keyboard, I need to spend my free time keeping my body and soul in shape. Also I am a want-to-be photographer, here are some of my photos.

You can reach me either via this blog, or all the popular social networks... Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, About.me, etc, etc, etc.