Recommendations Done Right Via IBM Connections

October 17 2011 05:00:00 PM Comments Disabled
In a briefing with IBM today I noticed something very subtle, yet so significant that I interrupted the presenter in mid-sentence so that I could ask about it.

Take a look at the "Do You Know" widget below. Notice it does not just provide the standard list of recommended people, it also displays information about WHY each person is being recommended.

Image:Recommendations Done Right Via IBM Connections

Providing this context makes it far easier to make a decision about connecting to a person or not.  Compare that to the ridiculous recommendations Google+ makes.

Now ideally I'd like to be able to click through each line item and see the details. For example: which bookmark do we share, what tag did we both use, which community are we in together, etc.

Perhaps that is coming in a future release, but for now this is still light years ahead of what almost every other vendor is providing.