Mike Rhodin’s Keynote

January 21 2008 10:00:00 AM Comments Disabled
Please also visit Ed Bill's site, as he is covered today

Collaboration - it is what IBM is all about, and now CEOs are stating the collaboration is one of their main priorities.
- The workforce is becoming increasingly virtual.
- Three collaboration styles: Document centric (typewritters became word processors, overhead projectors became presentation, calculators became spreadsheets), People centric (email, IM, etc) ,  .... and now the new generation Community-centric (Social networking ... things are much more out in the open)
- Companies are now focusing on innovation, as a way to grow their top line revenue, and innovation comes from having good collaboration tools.
- We need to unlock the knowledge of people.   The first generation of Knowledge Management failed, because companies tried to control it, instead of letting it grow on its own by setting it free.   Social Software allows people to optimize themselves, communities form.
- Discovering information is more important than searching for it.    Search just shows you what you know to ask for, discovery lets you find things you did not know you needed.
- Multi-tasking allows you to pivot from point to point
- Context - working in the mode and tools that are natural for you.   Bend systems to people, not people to systems.
- Flexible.. Adaptable.  Open
- Composite Applications.   At both the corporate level, plus at the individual level, where users can create their own mashups.
- IBM and RIM are working together to make sure collaborative capabilities are surfaces when and where people need them.

- IBM and SAP - 80% overlap between Lotus and SAP's top customers.
Welcome Vishal Sikka - CTO of SAP to the stage.
Announcing - project Atlantic.   Lotus Notes and SAP integration.  SAP access from right inside Lotus Notes.  First release Q4 2008.  
Ron Sebastian does a demo of Atlantic.   Selecting an email, sidebar applications for Atlantic shows SAP data related to the selected email.

Mike - "There is a new Notes in town"


Alistair Rennie, VP Development comes to stage.   IBM Notes/Domino 8
Jeff Eisen - Chief architect for Notes client
Russ Holden- Chief architect for Domino Server
Debate between Jeff and Russ, which is better, the client or the server? :-)
Jeff - new UI, composite apps, Notes Traveler, Domino Web Access (DWA), DWA on iPhone, Notes on Linux (including Ubuntu), Notes on Mac (beta now)
Russ - CPU and I/O reductions, 35% mail file storage reduction, Domino Web Access optimized for low bandwidth

Ron demo - mail file quota guage, Quickr file integration, online meeting integration with Sametime Unyte, include conference call information, Google gadget integration, add a Notes view to sidebar, widets can be shared via online catalog, or via email (drag and drop), policies can be set up to control widgets.   LiveText, pattern recognition and actions.    DWA on iPhone

Russ - Domino 8.5 - New ID management, unified directory, new attachment data storage, IBM IIS - Introducing Lotus Protector for E-mail Secuirty (anti-spam and anti-virus)

Lotus Domino Designer to create new web 2.0 applications, improve the UI for Domino applications.
Maureen Leland demo - take an old discussion database, and turn it into an amazing web2.0 discussion database!   Using Domino Designer.   XPages.  New Domino Designer running in Eclipse drag and drop field palette, ajax fields, CSS support, LotuScript class browser, javascript and java editors,


Kevin Cavanaugh - Lotus Symphony - Beta 4 is adding programability (APIs, Lotuscript, composite applications).  Translation plugin demo.

Symphony roadshows.  


Bruce Morse, VP Unified Communications-  Happy 10th Annversary Sametime.   Trasnformed from chat client, to a platform for cummunications.   Over 100 million entitled Sametime users.

Ex: Celina Insurance
Ex: Carestream Health- taking medical information (radiology), using Sametime to provide ad-hoc communication... but it is not via Sametime client, the ST features are embedded into Carestream's product.

Sametime Advanced provides connections to communities
Sametime Unified Telephony -

Ron S. demo - Sametime Advanced - Broadcast Suite (Annoucment, Polling, SkillTap), Persistant Chat rooms, instant screen sharing between users,
Sametime Unified Telephony - phone integration, example land line to PC, caller ID, rules to define when/how you are contacts (when at home go to home phone, when away go to mobile phone, etc)


Larry Bowden, VP WebSphere Portal - WebSphere Portal 6.1.  7 new accelerators, for specific business needs.   Addition of Cognos integration, .Net application, dashboards delivered to Notes, Blackberry, etc.

Total Forms - a new Forms initiative.   Drag and drop and create forms with no programming skills required.   All based on XML, so data can be extracted easily.

Ron demo - Portal 6.1 as a graphical navigator for pages, Lotus Connections integration such as Business Cards, more use of Ajax, client side aggregation, tear away and move portlets around the screen.   Drag and drop information from one portlet to another.    Shows Dashboard, running inside the Notes client.


Jeff Schick, VP Social Software

Lotus Quickr 8.1 - team collaboration and content sharing.   No longer will you think of emailing attachment.... now better ways to share your files.   Integration with Symphony, Outlook, and integration of Quickr with Filenet P8 and IBM CM8.

Suzanne - Quickr 8.1 demo, personal shared files, and users can subscribe to your files.   New Team Space UI, better navigation, left side navigator, document library, drag and drop files to the web, or use Windows Explorer.   Integration with Connections, such as Business Cards from Profile.    Future version: personal watch list, ratings, tags, recommend files to others, move file to Enterprise Records (such as Filenet) including Workflow with Check In/Out.    Add Quickr file to Lotus Connection Activity.   New Media Library, videos, podcasts, images, etc.

Lotus Connections 2.0 -
Integration with Socialtext Wiki and with Confluence Wiki
Image:Mike Rhodin’s Keynote     Image:Mike Rhodin’s Keynote
- Attention Management
- My Connections home page
- Atlas For Lotus Connections - visualize networks
- Lotus Connections can replicate and work offline
- Lotus Connections on mobile devices such as Blackberry

demo - home page, Blackberry support, etc, etc..

Introducing Lotus Mashups - lightweight mashup environment for creating applications, by the end user, with no programming.   Comes with a catalog of available widgets.   Combine internal and external information.   Can surface the mashups in any environment.


Mike Rhodin - introducing expansion into small business, Lotus Foundations.   A new line of software servers, first up collaboration server.   Provided to customers by IBM Business Partners.   This comes from the acquisition of Net Integration Technologies (Nitix).    Mike shows the server, fitting into en envelope!  (making a joke about Steve Jobs taking the new Mac Air out of an envelope last week at Mac World)

Introducing Lotus Bluehouse.   Software as a Service (web) delivery of collaboration to customers of 500 and less.   Share files, contacts, hold web conferences, live charts visualization of data
Integration of Connections, so for example sharing Activities with people outside your company.


Winner Best In Showcase: Go Pro
CTO Innovation Award: Americans: Trilog
EMEA: Haus Eeilgut GmbH
Asia Pacific - Blueleaf Corporation